Fate Star Wars

Getting our feet wet

Notes from our First Game Creation Session



Amy, Joe, Dale & The CDM

3653 BBY – right after the Treaty of Coruscant

Old Republic Era (25,000 – 1,000 BBY)
This era begins with the formation of the Republic. During these long years, the Sith break from the ranks of the Jedi and create multiple Sith Empires that rise to power and then fall into obscurity. (This is the era of the various Old Republic video games.)

• Cold War
• Rebuilding the Order
• Choosing Sides

• Fighting for the Soul of the Republic (“Morality Hangs By a Thread”)
Face: Senator Parek Alateen – young idealist, new to the job, not a Jedi fan
Face: Senator Darnius Markyle – disillusioned war hero
Nar Shaddaa
• What Happens on Nar Shaddaa, Stays on Nar Shaddaa
Face: Pizza the Hutt, Personal Pan the Hutt (son loves Jedi)
Face: Spies Everywhere
• Once Proud Ruins
Face: Expedition Leader
Face: Rakghul King
• Tug of Succession War
Face: House Organa
Face: House Thule

• Reckless Jedi Knight Survivor
• The Jedi Council is Run By Idiots
• Taking Control of My Own Fate

• More to This Pirate Than Meets the Eye
• The Flesh is Weak
• The Enemy of My Enemy Pays the Bills

• Imperial Double Agent
• You Can’t Choose Your Family
• Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business

Amy’s Story:
Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business

While running an op on Nar Shaddaa, I encountered an old Imperial flame from my previous position. We spent a week dancing around each other and undermining each other’s positions. Finally, I was forced to flee the scene after being rightfully accused of stealing plans from Czerka Corp offices.

Silver Tongued Scoundrel

Gilrand catches me, and plans to turn me over to the Hutts. I convince him not to turn me over to either the Hutt Cartel or Czerka Corp by using some information about the Sith as a bargaining chip. He agrees to take me to Coruscant instead and brings me on board Kun’s ship. Once there, I must convince Kun to go along with the plan and hide us from the authorities.

Timing Is Everything

I share information with Gilrand about a pending attack by the Sith on the Jedi Temple. This is information I obtained while working for the Empire.

Proposed Basic Skill List:
Athletics, Blast, Deception, Empathy, Fighting, Investigation, Lore, Mechanics, Notice, Persuasion, Resources, Transport, Vigor, Will



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