Eagle V


The Eagle V

Function Aspect:
Trouble: We “kinda” own it?

Customized – The vehicle has a variety of special modifications. Any time you spend a fate point to declare a story detail related to extra vehicle equipment or capability, you also gain a boost. Once per session, you can make such a declaration into a full situation aspect with a free invocation. (Laffy)

Deflector Shields – Spacecraft carry light deflector shields to prevent damage from small debris, but stronger shields are used for battle defenses on ships, tanks, bases, or even buildings or cities. A vehicle with deflector shields gets + 1 to defense rolls against physical attacks (beams, blasters, missiles, lasers, slugthrowers, etc.). If the vehicle with deflector shields takes a consequence, the attacker can choose to spend his free invocation to declare that it affects shields (taking them down).

Fast – A vehicle can take this stunt multiple times. Each difference in speed gives a + 2 bonus when attempting to outrun another vehicle or move quickly. Fast is relative to the type of vehicle—taking this stunt for a mining crawler means you have a fast mining crawler; it doesn’t mean you can outrun a speeder bike. For starships with this stunt, choose whether it applies to sublight or hyperspace travel.

Programmable ID Transponder – All spacecraft registered for travel within the Republic have a transponder that broadcasts an identifying code. This highly illegal modification allows the transponder to be programmed so that the ship identifies itself as some other vessel.

Note: Stunts were donated by Yorsen Dask (3) & Lafmutobukk (1).


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Eagle V

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