Game Creation

Star Wars is a great big universe, and we need to narrow down what our game is going to be like. The setting creation section of FATE Core rules starts on p17 and runs to p27, and covers the following steps:

I expect the setting creation to take an entire session or two, (or more), as we brainstorm and decide on stuff. You can read notes from the first of these sessions here.

Choose the Setting

Well, we all know we’re playing in the Star Wars galaxy. This is where we decide when in the Star Wars history the game is set, and what it’s about. So, if you want to play your band of cantina band musicians traveling around solving mysteries, this is where it happens. What’s been tentatively decided (both in our previous attempt and in the Labor Day weekend session ), is that it looks like we want to play in the late portion of the Old Republic Era (25,000 – 1,000 BBY) right after the Sith Empire invades Coruscant, destroying the primary Jedi Temple there and then withdraws once the Treaty of Coruscant is signed with the Republic. Its a time of both great tension and cautious cold war regrouping by both galactic powers. As to what the focus of the game is to be, we’re less clear. So far, we have a Jedi survivor, a spy and a (sort of) smuggler. Why they’re together and what they’re goals are is less defined and should be examined closer (perhaps Doc & Carl can provide some input there!).

Choose the Scale

This follows on the setting. Here’s where we decide if the game is going to span the galaxy and change the fates of worlds, or if it’s going to be confined to a single neighborhood on Coruscant and only affect the residents there. Or anything in between. This is also where we talk about power level of the characters, but I’m leaning towards the default power level, which makes for pretty kick-ass characters that still have room to grow and change.

Pick the Issues

This is where we decide on what the game is really about. We choose what the big threats are, why they matter, and what problems they’re causing. That’s right – the whole group gets to pick what kind of trouble you’re in, not just the GM. As Zuul said, “Choose and perish!”

Check out our initial, not-yet-set-in-stone, issues here.

Create Some NPCs and Locations

You guys get to help flesh out the setting by picking important NPCs and locations, tying them into the issues, and laying the groundwork for your characters. This step continues into the character creation session: as you flesh out your character’s background, you may add new NPCs or locations to the setting. You can see what we’ve come up with so far in the first session notes.

Decide on Skills and Stunts Available

This is mostly my job, as GM, but we can discuss things at this point, and you can raise any concerns or thoughts about them.

You can review my initial lists here and here.

Create Characters

You know what this part means. I’ll walk you through the process here.

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Game Creation

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