Weapons and Armor

Each weapon or armor type is given a rating, either as Weapon:X or Armor:X. That’s how many shifts of damage the weapon adds to an attack, and how many shifts of damage armor subtracts from an attack. Here’s how some common weapons and armor are rated:

Weapon:1 – hold‐out blaster, light blaster, vibro knife, big wrench, chair
Weapon:2 – heavy blaster, lightsaber, vibro sword, laser welder, table
Weapon:3 – blaster rifle, concussion grenade, speeding hoverbike
Weapon:4 – heavy autoblaster, vehicle‐mounted weapon, speeding speeder, thermal detonator

Armour:1 – security forces tactical armor
Armour:2 – stormtrooper or clone trooper armor
Armour:3 – heavy clone trooper armor, Mandalorian armor

Now, unless we wind up playing a military‐centered game, wearing armor and hauling around heavy weapons – that’s anything above Weapon:2 rating – is going to attract attention. And for special things, like a heavy autoblaster or Mandalorian armor, you’re going to need to convince me that one of your aspects makes it reasonable that you would have such a thing.

Weapons and Armor

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