Fate Star Wars

Do or Do Not. There is no Try.
Our First Actual Play Session



Amy, Joe, Dale, The CDM, & HD as Lafmutobukk

In which our heroes land on Coruscant each looking for something different.

How I Met Your Father
Character Creation Session



Amy, Joe, Dale, Doc & The CDM

The five of us worked on character creation, completing the Phase Trio and everyone’s Aspects. Here is the tale that was woven…

Yorsen Dask was born on Alderaan, to a maid working for one of the larger Houses. He was smuggled off-world due to the fact that his father is a high-ranking member of the house. His childhood was rough, working on the industrial moon of Nar Shadaa for one of the gangs.. During this time he develops an affinity for both machines and racing, growing up to be a prominent starship racer in the underground scene.

Trained from an early age Gilrand showed a great aptitude for using the force and the teachings of the Jedi. Showing a great aptitude for fighting he was paired with an older apprentice named Ven Zallow. During the training he was exposed to the many lightsabers and the forms to use them. After completing his apprenticeship, he was stationed out of the Jedi Temple in Coruscant to assist with the training and was sent out on occasional missions for the Jedi and the Republic.

Yiirikei Tamaga experienced the deprivations of the Sith first hand as a child. The Jedi Maven was able to save him but not his family. As he was force sensitive, she enrolled the young twi’lek in the shadow jedi, where he was trained to infiltrate and combat the Sith.

Kaia Sol was raised by the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War, retaining only a vague memory of her own parents. Her loyalty to the Order was absolute. Then, on Coruscant, she met Valaras Sunfell, a reckless young Jedi Knight, with a penchant for questioning the Council. They fell in love, although it was forbidden, and Valaras asked her to flee with him before they were discovered. Afraid of defying the Council, she refused and they quarreled bitterly. He left Coruscant, and she discovered that she was carrying his child. Her Master, the Mirialan Jedi Consular Duria Aquilla, attempted to reassure Kaia that she would not be required to leave the Order, since she renounced the relationship with Valaras. It was only after the birth of her son, Icarus, that she discovered she would be required to renounce him as well. After the loss of Valaras, the thought of losing her son was unbearable. She took Icarus, and her few belongings, and fled. Since then, Kaia and Icarus have kept moving, never staying too long in any one place. She began training him in the ways of the Force, as he proved a strong initiate. At 14, Icarus is a powerful warrior, with his mother’s compassion and sensitivity but also his father’s impulsive brashness.

Growing up in the forests of Kashyyyk, Lafmutobukk had a happy childhood and a knack for tinkering with tech. When his parents were killed by Trandoshan slavers and he himself enslaved, Lafmutobukk was nearly broken. He finally did escape after many backbreaking years, and vowed to protect the oppressed and enslaved.

You’re going the wrong way!
Shortly before a big race, Yorsen is approached by a representative of a rival faction to his Father’s House back on Alderaan. The rep offers his a large sum of credits to return and publicly discredit his father. Yorsen refuses, wanting nothing to do with the politics of his birth planet. Later, during a last minute engine check before the race, he discovers a bomb attached to his ship. He manages to remove it and identify the workmanship as being from Alderaan. He panics, knowing that his refusal to help the faction has now marked him for death. During the race, he suddenly veers off the marked course and flees into space. He eventually manages to temporarily elude the assassin AND his gang, who now want him dead for both stealing their ship and losing the race.

Yiirikei is sent to Alderaan to investigate rumors of one of the ruling families working with the Hutts. He finds that some of these rumors are in fact true and that the family in question is also attempting to discredit a rival family’s scion by revealing a bastard son! Intrigued Yiirikei follows agents of the family to Nar Shaddaa and discovers Yorsen Dask. Yiirikei secretly disposes of or impairs the agents and disarms a bomb on Yorsen’s ship, but decides to leave the disabled bomb for the young racer to discover. He then approaches him and offers him a job with the Shadow Jedi.

How to make a Holey Bartender
Yorsen Dask arrives on Ord Mantell on the run from assassins and bounty hunters. He makes his way to a local cantina, where he is forced to share a table with two strangers, a woman named Kaia Sol her son, a teenaged boy named Icarus. While enjoying a well-deserved drink, a bounty hunter enters the cantina and attacks him. The woman immediately jumps to his defense, killing the bounty hunter with her lightsaber in the resulting bar fight, and revealing herself as a jedi.

Desperate to hook up with a group powerful enough to deter the Krayt gang and prestigious enough to make another assassination attempt too complicated to be worthwhile, Yorsen took up a job shuttling Jedi on various black ops. His “passenger” was usually Yiirilkei Tamaga, a powerful force-user that prompted Yorsen’s original escape. During a mission into Sith space, Yorsen got into a nasty tangle with a bounty hunter. The only clear indication was that this individual was sent to kill him. After a short battle, Yorsen managed to evade the bounty hunter, but took some damage to the ship. Picking up Yiirilkei just in time, Yorsen was forced to explain the blast damage and ultimately had to reveal the what happened..

Good Sith Hunting
Sent to infiltrate a colony reputed to have two Sith artifacts being used to take against them. He arrived to find four artifacts and two Sith Acolytes utilizing two at a time. He tracked them to the swamps outside of the local populous, were he ambushed them. After a grueling fight in and out of the rain and bayou, he was able to defeat both. One was killed by his own light saber slashing into the neck, the other by a tree branch through the eye. When he was refecting in his meditation and finished The Destruction Ritual, he realized his training and her insights where the only thing that gave him the start to offer payback to the Sith.

Two plus Two Equal Trouble
Gilrand is sent to planet to recover 2 sith artifacts reputed to have training info. He arrives on planet only to encounter Yiirikei getting ready to destroy four artifacts. After a vigorous physical discussion as to what he was sent to recover and what Yiirikei was sent to destroy. They made their way to the star port to depart to find the ship missing…

Mining Moon Breakout
Sold by Trandoshan slavers to a remote Imperial mining facility of Oricon, Lafmutobukk survived as long as he did by making his mechanical talents useful. Nearly two years of hard mining labor later an opportunity for escape presented itself when the facility was raided by Republic forces. Having slightly more access to mining equipment than most of the enslaved miner population, Lafmutobukk was able to slice some heavy mining machinery and used it to help break his fellow mine slaves free. Many of his fellow slaves died fighting the imperials but the jailbreak provided the distraction that the Republic forces needed in order to capture the facility. The Republic carried away as many surviving slaves as could be found before destroying the facility from orbit.

Gilrand is sent to Oricon to get ready for the Republic mission to destroy the mining colony there to disrupt the war effort. After landing on the planet and making his way to the colony to disable the Shield and the Sensors. He snuck into the camp and found that it was not a colony it was a prison camp and all of the miners were slaves and pows. After sneaking back out he was able to make contact with the republic fleet and delay them while he formulated a plan to free the prisoners and still open the camp up for destruction. Finding some of the slaves who were not closely monitored he was able thru a combination of discussion and force persuasion to convice them that the attack was coming and they could die with slave collars on their necks or tools in their hands to break out. He was able disable collars and they were able to free enough prior to the revolt and they were able to get out as many as possible. During the ensuing chaos he was able to sneak in to the command center to turn off the shields and sensors to allow them to escape and pave the way for the camp destruction.

Assigned to fly the jedi Gilrand to the mining facility on Oricon, Yorsen has a daring plan. He successfully navigates through the magnetic adamantine fracking mines dotting the moon. This insanely dangerous path is both tectonically unstable and filled with magnetic storms which block the facility’s sensors. This allows Gilrand to infiltrate the camp unobserved. During the escape, Yorsen befriends Lafmutobukk (nicknamed Laffy by Yorsen) and they bond over a shared interest in ships and tech. Later they begin discussing the possibility of working together and become a formidable team, with Yorsen the ace pilot and Lafmutobukk keeping the ship in top shape (made with signature Laffytech).

Kaia and Icarus were living on Alderaan when Imperial and Republic delegates met to discuss the end of hostilities. Senator Paran Am-Ris was accompanied by two Jedi; Satele Shan and Duria Aquilla. Duria recognized the presence of her former padawan, and attempted to locate Kaia. Realizing her former master was on Alderaan, Kaia and Icarus fled the planet. Kaia decided to head to Coruscant, to throw Duria off the scent. They arrived in the system just after the Empire’s forces sacked the planet and destroyed the Jedi Temple. The ship, Dawn’s Sigil, was attacked coming out of hyper-drive. The captain and most of the crew were killed in the firefight. Kaia was forced to pilot the vessel to safety, while Icarus manned the guns. As Kaia and Icarus flee Coruscant, another passenger, Yiirikei, jumps in to help them keep the ship flying. He senses the Force in both the pilot and the teenage gunner, but says or reveals nothing about it to them.

Gilrand is assigned a mission to escort a delegation from the Republic Senate to the planet of Nar Shadaa and while there he was asked by the Jedi Council to investigate rumors that someone had smuggled an ancient Sith Artifact off of Korriban and it was up for sale there. Unknown to him he was specifically assigned this mission by Jedi Master and council member Tol Braga to get him off of Coruscant because something was coming and Gilrand would be needed for the coming troubles.

Wild Goose Chase
After dropping off the Senate delegation and investigating the Sith Artifact and finding it a fake He was making preparations to head back to Coruscant when word reached him of the attack there. While on Nar-Shadaa, Lafmutobukk again encounters his friend and liberator, Gilrand. He offers to ‘fix up’ the jedi’s ship. When Gilrand returns from his mission, he finds his hyperdrive in hundreds of pieces on the engineering deck. This is what delays him from returning to Coruscant on time, inadvertently causing him to miss being a part of the Sith massacre at the Jedi Temple. Due to repairs needed on his ship he was forced to remain on Nar Shadaa for 2 days before he could return to Coruscant. By the time he was returned to Coruscant it was in near ruins. Managing to land near the Jedi Temple and finding it destroyed and desecrated he question everything about the motives of the council and the senate and left to find answers.

How Much for Just the Kidney?
During an all-night drinking binge with his buddy Yorsen, Lafmutobukk takes an off hand drunken comment by his friend seriously and hatches a hair-brained scheme to get the bounty hunters off Yorsen’s back. After the racer passes out from drink, Laffy has the med doc remove Yorsen’s kidney and set his still unconcious friend up in a regen facility. The wookie then takes kidney and ship off to Nar Shadaa to ‘collect’ Yorsen’s bounty. He is disapponted though when the Krayt Dragons aren’t completely convinced, giving him only token funds and confiscating the ship that Yoren had originally stolen from them.

These Aren’t the Jedi You’re Looking For…
Gilrand is desperately trying to find someone with the parts to repair his ship, so he can return to Coruscant. While arguing with a stubborn trader, he notices the arrival of a ship coming from Coruscant. He hastens to the docking bay to ask for news, and runs into a pair of Jedi. The woman, Kaia, and a boy who appears to be her apprentice, do not want to discuss Coruscant, and leave without acknowledging him. He follows the pair, and attempting to buy passage on their ship and runs into Yiirikei who tells him of the Sith Empire attack on Coruscant. Eventually, Kaia listens to his explanation and offers a trade. He gets her ship, the Dawn’s Sigil. She gets his ship, which she with the intention of promptly selling it for a profit.

Stranded on Nar Shadaa by misfortune and Gilrand, Lafmutobukk finds himself in a newly trade ship that isn’t his, with the hyperdrive disassembled all over the engineering deck, grease in his fur confronting the new owner. Lonely young Icarus delights to find someone he can practice his language skills on and quickly bonds with the wookie. He wheedles his mom into keeping the ship and helping Laffy ‘get back to his friends’.

On the battered Dawn’s Sigil, Yiirikei and Gilrand race back to the Republic capital, slipping through the disbanding Sith blockade, the little vessel finally gives up the ghost meters from the ground. The two jedi find the temple in ruins, the streets still full of Imperial stragglers and devastation all about them. Yiirikei calls for his ride and is upset to learn that Yorsen has misplaced his ship and wookie. Gilrand, overhearing the conversation, explains that he knows Laffy’s current whereabouts and makes a call to his former ship.

Against her better judgement, Kaia, Icarus and Lafmutobukk pick up Yorsen Dask where the wookie left him on Nal Hutta. Yorsen calls Yiirkei back as the two jedi skulk about the ruins of the capital. The twi’lek tells Yorsen that they are at the ruined temple and need a ride ASAP. Yosen is reluctant but Icarus, hearing the jedi temple mentioned decides to side step his mother’s wishes and mind tricks the pilot into going straight to the temple. Once there, Icarus sneaks out to see if he can find records in the temple of his father, but he is caught by Yiirkei and Gilrand who frogmarch the lad back to the ship and the group hurriedly departs Corusant.

Getting our feet wet
Notes from our First Game Creation Session



Amy, Joe, Dale & The CDM

3653 BBY – right after the Treaty of Coruscant

Old Republic Era (25,000 – 1,000 BBY)
This era begins with the formation of the Republic. During these long years, the Sith break from the ranks of the Jedi and create multiple Sith Empires that rise to power and then fall into obscurity. (This is the era of the various Old Republic video games.)

• Cold War
• Rebuilding the Order
• Choosing Sides

• Fighting for the Soul of the Republic (“Morality Hangs By a Thread”)
Face: Senator Parek Alateen – young idealist, new to the job, not a Jedi fan
Face: Senator Darnius Markyle – disillusioned war hero
Nar Shaddaa
• What Happens on Nar Shaddaa, Stays on Nar Shaddaa
Face: Pizza the Hutt, Personal Pan the Hutt (son loves Jedi)
Face: Spies Everywhere
• Once Proud Ruins
Face: Expedition Leader
Face: Rakghul King
• Tug of Succession War
Face: House Organa
Face: House Thule

• Reckless Jedi Knight Survivor
• The Jedi Council is Run By Idiots
• Taking Control of My Own Fate

• More to This Pirate Than Meets the Eye
• The Flesh is Weak
• The Enemy of My Enemy Pays the Bills

• Imperial Double Agent
• You Can’t Choose Your Family
• Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business

Amy’s Story:
Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business

While running an op on Nar Shaddaa, I encountered an old Imperial flame from my previous position. We spent a week dancing around each other and undermining each other’s positions. Finally, I was forced to flee the scene after being rightfully accused of stealing plans from Czerka Corp offices.

Silver Tongued Scoundrel

Gilrand catches me, and plans to turn me over to the Hutts. I convince him not to turn me over to either the Hutt Cartel or Czerka Corp by using some information about the Sith as a bargaining chip. He agrees to take me to Coruscant instead and brings me on board Kun’s ship. Once there, I must convince Kun to go along with the plan and hide us from the authorities.

Timing Is Everything

I share information with Gilrand about a pending attack by the Sith on the Jedi Temple. This is information I obtained while working for the Empire.

Proposed Basic Skill List:
Athletics, Blast, Deception, Empathy, Fighting, Investigation, Lore, Mechanics, Notice, Persuasion, Resources, Transport, Vigor, Will


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