This mountainous ice world stood dormant for thousands of years, until the discovery of
vast amounts of subterranean Adegan crystals, which proved to be perfectly attuned for
use in a lightsaber. Since that time, it has been a coveted treasure trove of the Jedi.

With a Temple established over the entrance to a series of Crystal Caves, Ilum became a place of great importance, as sacred as Ossus and Tython.[source?] The Temple served as a shelter and place of ritual for the Jedi who traveled to the planet.7 To ensure the security of the planet and the crystals, the planet was left off star-charts. One uninterrupted hyperjump from Metellos would deliver a ship into Ilum’s orbit, and could only be accomplished by a Force-sensitive.3
Following Ilum’s discovery, the Jedi built temples and enclaves over the years and the world became a destination of pilgrimage for Jedi intending to construct new lightsabers and Jedi Masters seeking a quiet place for intense meditation.1 Some time before the Cold War,10 the Sith Empire attacked the planet with a force of Sith and shock troopers, killing the Jedi present there. Although the Jedi Order was devastated by the loss of Ilum, the Galactic Republic lacked the resources for a counter-attack. Intelligence suggested that the Sith operations on the world could have extended beyond the harvest of lightsaber crystals and, due to the amount of local Sith investments, Republic leaders and members of the Jedi High Council suspected that Ilum may have possessed a far more valuable resource.111

Aspect: Valuable to the Jedi


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